We pour our experience into forming a solid foundation of confidence that our clients can build their success upon.


The way to start any project is by building a solid foundation of confidence that success can continually be built upon. That’s exactly what we do in all aspects of business at JCS. We provide concrete and masonry services while upholding high standards when it comes to presenting ourselves and our job sites. Safety, organization, cleanliness and timeliness are our priorities on the job, and earning our clients’ trust is our mission. Clients can expect to work with a team of professionals that will listen to their ideas and build upon them, understand their needs, communicate effectively throughout the process, and produce a high-quality finished product that exceeds their expectations. This customer-focused approach is the heart of our company. At JCS, we’re committed to fulfilling our promise of helping our clients succeed by making their project a reality.


Taking Ownership

We get our hands dirty. From the office to the field, each member of our team treats our clients as if they were his or her own. We know the importance of looking beyond the everyday task and into the client’s vision of the finished product. Each department works together, much like the spokes on a wheel, continuously moving and motivating each other to clearly see this vision each time we set foot in the field. We don’t have a customer service department because delivering quality performance, gaining trust and producing work that yields client satisfaction is a priority for us all.


Committing to Serve

Because we have a thirst for learning the ins and outs of our clients’ projects, we are better able to understand their vision and respect their mission. What is important to our clients is important to us. We prove this through our dedication to delivering quality work, integrity and professionalism while maintaining a clean, safe job site. We work on our client’s schedule and embrace their goals for the job. Our success is measured through the success of our clients, which is our purpose for putting our all into each project every step of the way.


Building Long-Term Relationships

We stare commitment in the face and say, “Bring it on!” It is our goal with each and every client to build a relationship that goes beyond one project. We see hospitals today, landing pads tomorrow and even more beyond that. No matter the vision, we will align with it to build our clients’ companies project by project because we are committed to their success.  We’re in it for the long haul. So, go ahead, build upon our strong foundation.